Sensors detect pollutants on leaf

Pens Filled with High-Tech Inks for Do It Yourself Sensors

A new simple tool developed by nanoengineers at the UC San Diego is opening the door to an era when anyone will be able to build sensors, anywhere, including physicians in the clinic, patients in their home and soldiers in the field. The team developed high-tech bio-inks that react with several chemicals, including glucose. They filled off-the-shelf ballpoint pens with the inks and were able to draw sensors to measure glucose directly on the skin and sensors to measure pollution on leaves.

heart failure

Researchers Discover Protein’s Pivotal Role in Heart Failure

Researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine have identified a key piece in the complex molecular puzzle underlying heart failure – a serious and sometimes life-threatening disorder affecting more than 5 million Americans.

KPBS Director of Programming John Decker

Campus-KPBS Partnership Gives Inside Look at UC San Diego Arts

Audience members reached into plastic buckets and grabbed handfuls of smooth stones. They would soon shake these stones as percussionists in a performance of a piece by UC San Diego composer Lei Liang, directed by fellow faculty member Steven Schick.

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