Thurgood Marshall College

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10. Thurgood Marshall College Methods of Inquiry (2)

In this course, students learn analytical thinking strategies routinely used by professional scholars, historians, and social planners. Each student applies methodologies from the materials presented in lectures, films, and readings relevant to the current course work. Prerequisites: department stamp. (P/NP only.)

15. Introduction to Public Service in America (4)

This course is designed to study, discuss, and analyze the history and current role of public service in the United States. Students will be introduced to the different roles held by the three sectors of the American economic structure (government, business, and nonprofit/public service) with opportunity to provide a critical analysis of those roles within American society.

20. Thurgood Marshall College Honors Seminar (1)

Weekly seminar conducted by UC San Diego faculty and distinguished guest lecturers on topics related to the core curriculum: diversity, justice, and imagination. (P/NP only.)

90. Undergraduate Seminar (1)

These seminars are designed to expose undergraduate students, especially freshmen and sophomores, to exciting research conducted by UC San Diego faculty. Prerequisites: none. (P/NP only.)

198. Thurgood Marshall College Directed Group Studies (4)

Directed group studies of a creative project. Designated for TMC students to work as a group on a project supervised by faculty; not included in regular curriculum, where group emphasis would be more beneficial and constructive than individual special studies. Prerequisites: upper-division standing (ninety units) including lower-division writing requirement (DOC 2 and DOC 3), minimum overall GPA of 2.5 and consent of instructor.

199. Marshall College Special Project (1–4)

Individual, independent research, or creative work intended to satisfy Marshall College graduation requirement. Designated for Marshall College students, topics are supervised by Marshall faculty in association with the honors seminar and honors projects. A written application describing the project is required. See Office of the Provost. Prerequisites: upper-division students with 2.5 GPA and ninety units and approval of the provost or faculty designee. Honors standing required for honors projects. (P/NP only)