Entry Level Writing

232 Literature Building

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice. Updates may be found on the Academic Senate website: http://senate.ucsd.edu/catalog-copy/approved-updates/.

For information about satisfying the University of California Entry Level Writing requirement, especially prior to enrollment, “Writing Requirement” in the catalog section “Undergraduate Admissions.”

Students who have not satisfied the UC Entry Level Writing requirement before enrolling at UC San Diego must satisfy the requirement by achieving a grade of C or better in SDCC 1 (English Composition—Entry Level Writing) and by passing the Entry Level Writing Exit Examination given at the end of SDCC 1, which is administered by the Basic Writing Program office. Students must enroll in SDCC 1or SDCC 4 during the first quarter of residence at UC San Diego. SDCC 1 and SDCC 4 are Mesa College courses taught at UC San Diego as part of a cooperative program with the San Diego Community College District.

Under Academic Senate regulations, SDCC 1 and SDCC 4 cannot be counted toward graduation requirements; however, the course units do count as workload credit toward the minimum progress requirement and toward eligibility for financial assistance.

For further information about the UC Entry Level Writing requirement or the UC Analytical Writing Placement Examination, please visit the Basic Writing office, 232 Literature Building, or call (858) 534-6177.