Education Studies

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice. Updates may be found on the Academic Senate website:


Alan J. Daly, PhD

Vice Chair

Paula Levin, Full Teaching Professor

Associate Vice Chair

Tom L. Humphries, PhD

Director of Teacher Education

Cheryl Forbes, EdD


Alan J. Daly, PhD, Education Studies

Amanda Datnow, PhD, Education Studies

James Levin, PhD, Education Studies

Mica Pollock, PhD, Education Studies, Director, CREATE

Alison Wishard-Guerra, PhD, Education Studies

Associate Professors

Thandeka Chapman, PhD, Education Studies

Frances Contreras, PhD, Education Studies

Tom L. Humphries, PhD, Education Studies and Communication

Assistant Professors

Shana Cohen, PhD, Education Studies

Gabrielle Jones, PhD, Education Studies

Affiliated Faculty

Julian Betts, PhD, Economics

Amy Binder, PhD, Sociology

Linda Brodkey, PhD, Literature

Michael Cole, PhD, Communication

Gedeon O. Deák, PhD, Cognitive Science

Brian Goldfarb, PhD, Communication

Grant Goodall, PhD, Linguistics

Guershon Harel, PhD, Mathematics

James D. Hollan, PhD, Cognitive Science

Carol A. Padden, PhD, Communication

Stefan A. Tanaka, PhD, History

Olga V. Vasquez, PhD, Communication

Kathryn A. Woolard, PhD, Anthropology

Senior Lecturers with Security of Employment

Paula F. Levin, PhD, Education Studies, Graduate Adviser

Barbara Sawrey, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education

Lecturers with Security of Employment

Chris Halter, MA, EdD

Carolyn Huie-Hofstetter, PhD

Lecturer with Potential Security of Employment

Makeba Jones, PhD, Education Studies


Bobbie Allen, PhD

Bernard (Rusty) Bresser, MA, Supervisor of Teacher Education

Luz Chung, MA, EdD

Cheryl Forbes, MA, EdD, Director of Teacher Education

Caren Holtzman, MA

Rachel Millstone, MA, Supervisor of Teacher Education

Susan Scharton, MA, EdD

Marcia Sewall, MA, EdD

Patrick Velasquez, PhD

Master Teacher in Residence

Jade White, MA

Part-Time Lecturers/Supervisors

Elizabeth Pappas

Linda Whiteside, MEd

Faculty Emeriti

Janet Chrispeels, EdD, Education Studies, Emerita

Hugh B. Mehan, PhD, Sociology, Emeritus

Claire Ramsey, PhD, Education Studies, Emerita

Randall Souviney, PhD, Education Studies, Emeritus