Language and Communicative Disorders

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Farrell Ackerman, PhD, Linguistics

Ursula Bellugi, EdD, Adjunct/Psychology

Seana Coulson, PhD, Cognitive Science

Gedeon Deak, PhD, Cognitive Science

Jeff Elman, PhD, Cognitive Science

Victor Ferreira, PhD, Psychology

Eric Halgren, PhD, Radiology

Mark Kritchevsky, MD, Clinical Neurosciences

Marta Kutas, PhD, Cognitive Science

Rachel Mayberry, PhD, Linguistics

John Moore, PhD, Linguistics

Carol Padden, PhD, Communication

Keith Rayner, PhD, Psychology

Jeanne Townsend, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Doris Trauner, MD, Neurosciences/Pediatrics

Associate Professors

Leslie Carver, PhD, Psychology

Tamar Gollan, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry