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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice. Updates may be found on the Academic Senate website:

Directors, Neurosciences Graduate Program

Timothy Gentner, PhD, Psychology

Gentry Patrick, PhD, Associate Director, Biology


Henry Abarbanel, PhD, Physics

Thomas Albright, PhD, Adjunct/Psychology and Neurosciences

Ursula Bellugi, EdD, Adjunct/Psychology

Darwin K. Berg, PhD, Biology-Neurobiology Section

James B. Brewer, MD, PhD, Radiology and Neurosciences

Joan Heller Brown, PhD, Pharmacology

Richard Buxton, PhD, Radiology

Nigel Calcutt, PhD, Pathology

Edward M. Callaway, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences and Biology

Gert Cauwenberghs, PhD,Bioengineering

Andrew Chisolm, PhD, Biology

Jerold Chun, MD, PhD, Adjunct/Pharmacology

Robert Clark, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Don Cleveland, PhD, Medicine/Neurosciences

Hollis Cline, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Eric Courchesne, PhD, Neurosciences

Anders M. Dale, PhD, Neurosciences

Antonio De Maio, PhD, Surgery

Karen Dobkins, PhD, Psychology

Jeffrey L. Elman, PhD, Cognitive Science

Mark H. Ellisman, PhD, Neurosciences

Edmund J. Fantino, PhD, Psychology

Fred H. Gage, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences and Biology

Douglas R. Galasko, MD, In Residence/Neurosciences

Timothy Gentner, PhD, Program Director, Psychology

Mark A. Geyer, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry and Adjunct/Neurosciences

Anirvan Ghosh, PhD, Biology

Joseph G. Gleeson, MD, Neurosciences

Jeffrey L. Goldberg, MD, PhD, Ophthalmology

Lawrence S. B. Goldstein, PhD, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Eric Halgren, PhD, Radiology

Shelley Halpain, PhD, Biology

Bruce A. Hamilton, PhD, Medicine

Steven A. Hillyard, PhD, Neurosciences and Adjunct/Psychology

Vivian Y. H. Hook, PhD, Pharmacology

Paul A. Insel, MD, Pharmacology and Medicine

Jeffry S. Isaacson, PhD, Neurosciences

Yishi Jin, PhD, Biology

Michael W. Kalichman, PhD, Adjunct/Pathology

Harvey J. Karten, MD, Neurosciences and Psychiatry

John Kelsoe, MD, Psychiatry

David Kleinfeld, PhD, Physics

Edward Koo, MD, Neurosciences

William B. Kristan, PhD, Biology and Adjunct/Neurosciences

Marta Kutas, PhD, Cognitive Science and Adjunct/Neurosciences

Albert La Spada, MD, PhD, Pediatrics and Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Greg Lemke, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

John Liu, PhD, Adjunct/Ophthalmology

Eduardo Macagno, PhD, Biology

Roberto Malinow, PhD, Professor/Neurosciences

Athina Markou, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Maryann Martone, PhD, In Residence/Neurosciences

Eliezer Masliah, MD, Neurosciences and Pathology

Pamela Mellon, PhD, Neurosciences and Reproductive Medicine

William C. Mobley, MD, PhD, Department Chair, Neurosciences

Ulrich Mueller, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Jeffrey Neul, MD, Neurosciences

R. Glenn Northcutt, PhD, Neurosciences

Dennis O’Leary, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences and Biology

Martin Paulus, MD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Samuel Pfaff, PhD, Adjunct/Neurobiology

Vilayanur S. Ramachandran, MD, Psychology

Barbara Ranscht, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Michael G. Rosenfeld, MD, Medicine

Allen F. Ryan, PhD, Surgery and Adjunct/Neurosciences

David P. Salmon, PhD, In Residence/Neurosciences

Massimo Scanziani, PhD, Neurobiology

Nicholas Schork, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Gary Schulteis, PhD, In Residence/Anesthesiology

Terrence J. Sejnowski, PhD, Biology-Neurobiology Section and Adjunct/Neurosciences, Cognitive Science, Computer Science and Engineering, and Physics

Linda Sorkin, PhD, Anesthesiology

Nicholas C. Spitzer, PhD, Biology-Neurobiology Section

Larry R. Squire, PhD, Psychiatry, Psychology, Neurosciences

Charles Stevens, MD, PhD, Adjunct/Pharmacology

Neal Swerdlow, MD, PhD, Psychiatry

Palmer W. Taylor, PhD, Pharmacology

Doris A. Trauner, MD, Neurosciences and Pediatrics

Roger Tsien, PhD, Pharmacology, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Mark Tuszynski, MD, PhD, Neurosciences

Ajit Varki, MD, Medicine

Jing Wang, PhD, Biological Sciences

Miles Wilkinson, PhD, Reproductive Medicine

Yimin Zou, PhD, Biology

Associate Professors

Stephan Anagnostaras, PhD, Psychology

Adam Aron, PhD, Psychology

Kristin Baldwin, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Wendy Campana, PhD, Anesthesiology

Clark Chen, MD, PhD, Surgery

Andrea Chiba, PhD, Cognitive Science

Todd Coleman, PhD, Bioengineering

Virginia de Sa, PhD, Cognitive Science

Anna Devor, PhD, Adjunct/Neuroscience

Laura L. Dugan, MD, PhD, Medicine

Pascal Gagneux, PhD, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Donna Gruol, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Jill Leutgeb PhD, Biology

Stefan Leutgeb, PhD, Biology

Douglas Nitz, PhD, Cognitive Science

Gentry N. Patrick, PhD, Associate Program Director, Biological Sciences

Jaime Pineda, PhD, Cognitive Science

Pam Reinagel, PhD, Biology

John Reynolds, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Victoria Risbrough, PhD, Psychiatry

Marisa Roberto, PhD, Neurosciences

Katerina Semendeferi, PhD, Anthropology

John Serences, PhD, Psychology

Gabriel A. Silva, PhD, Bioengineering

Lisa Stowers, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Angela Yu, PhD, Cognitive Sciences

Binhai Zheng, PhD, Neuroscience

Eric Zorrilla, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Assistant Professors

Nicola Allen, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Brenda Bloodgood, PhD, Biology

Sreekanth Chalasani, PhD, Adjunct/Biology

Richard Daneman, PhD, Pharmacology

Vikash Gilja, PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Andy Huberman, PhD, Biology

Xin Jin, PhD, Adjunct/Biology

William Joiner, PhD, Pharmacology

Alexander Sasha Kauffman, PhD, Reproductive Medicine

Takaki Komiyama, PhD, Neurosciences

Kuo-Fen Lee, PhD, Adjunct/Biology

Jonathan Lin, PhD, Pathology

Byuongkook Lim, PhD, Biology

Chitra Mandyam, PhD, Adjunct, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Mark Mayford, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Cory Miller, PhD, Psychology

Eran Mukamel, PhD, Cogntive Sciences

Alysson Muotri, PhD, Pediatrics, Cellular and Molecular Medicine

Ardem Patapoutian, PhD, Cell Biology

Robert Rissman, PhD, Adjunct/Neurosciences

Subhojit Roy, MD, PhD, Neurosciences

Ayse Saygin, PhD, Cognitive Science

Tatyana Sharpee, PhD, Adjunct/Physics

Chi-ying Su, PhD, Biology

Michael A. Taffe, PhD, Neuropharmacology

Bradley Voytek, PhD, Cognitive Sciences