Religion, Study of

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Program Director: Dayna Kalleres


John D. Blanco, Associate Professor, Literature

Suzanne A. Brenner, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Nancy Caciola, Professor, History

Steven Cassedy, Professor, Literature

Alain J.-J. Cohen, Professor, Literature

Richard S. Cohen, Associate Professor, Literature

Stephen D. Cox, Professor, Literature

Thomas J. Csordas, Professor, Anthropology

Page A. duBois, Professor, Literature

Fatima El-Tayeb, Professor, Literature

John H. Evans, Professor, Sociology

Amelia Glaser, Associate Professor, Literature

David M. Goodblatt, Distinguished Professor and Endowed Chair in Judaic Studies, History

Jack M. Greenstein, Professor, Visual Arts

Marcel Hénaff, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, Literature

Matthew T. Herbst, Associate Teaching Professor, Director of Making of the Modern World Program, Roosevelt

Deborah Hertz, Professor, History

Robert B. Horwitz, Professor, Communication

Alan Houston, Professor, Political Science

Stephanie Jed, Professor, Literature

David K. Jordan, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology

Benetta W. Jules-Rosette, Distinguished Professor, Sociology

Dayna Kalleres, Associate Professor, Literature

Hasan Kayali, Associate Professor, History

Lisa Lampert-Weissig, Professor, Literature

Thomas E. Levy, Distinguished Professor, Anthropology and Jewish Studies Program

Leslie R. Lewis, Lecturer, Urban Studies Program

Richard P. Madsen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Sociology

Jacobo Myerston, Assistant Professor, Literature

Dana K. Nelkin, Professor, Philosophy

Elizabeth Newsome, Associate Professor, Visual Arts

Kwai Ng, Associate Professor, Sociology

Steven M. Parish, Professor, Anthropology

Michael E. Parrish, Professor, History

Patrick Patterson, Associate Professor, History

William H. Propp, Professor, History

Babak Rahimi, Associate Professor, Literature

Fred V. Randel, Associate Professor Emeritus, Literature

Natalia Roudakova, Assistant Professor, Communication

Gershon Shafir, Professor, Sociology

Kuiyi Shen, Professor, Visual Arts

Ulrike Strasser, Professor, History

Michael Trigilio, Associate Teaching Professor, Visual Arts

Christena Turner, Associate Professor, Sociology

Eric Watkins, Professor, Philosophy

Edward Watts, Professor, History

Robert S. Westman, Professor, History

Oumelbanine Zhiri, Professor, Literature