Science Studies

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Program Director

Cathy Gere


Lisa Cartwright, PhD, Communication

Nancy Cartwright, PhD, Philosophy

Martha Lampland, PhD, Sociology

Charles Thorpe, PhD, Sociology

Professors Emeriti

Chandra Mukerji, PhD, Communication

Martin J.S. Rudwick, PhD, History

Robert S. Westman, PhD, History

Associate Professors

Morana Alac, PhD, Communication

Kelly Gates, PhD, Communication

Cathy Gere, PhD, History

Tal Golan, PhD, History

Lilly Irani, PhD, Communication

Kerry McKenzie, PhD, Philosophy

David Pedersen, PhD, Anthropology

David Serlin, PhD, Communication

Assistant Professors

Claire Edington, PhD, History

Daniel Navon, PhD, Sociology

Juan Pablo Pardo-Guerra, PhD, Sociology

Saiba Varma, PhD, Anthropology

Affiliated Faculty/Researchers

Reuven Brandt, PhD, Philosophy

Todd A. Henry, PhD, History

Rafael Nunez, PhD, Cognitive Science

Nir Shafir, PhD, History

Christo Sims, PhD, Communication

Matthew Vitz, PhD, History