Contemporary Issues

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John Moore, PhD


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Lower Division

1. CI: The University in Society (4)

Overview of the history and role of higher education in American society, including a focus on the relationship between society and institutions of higher learning. The course utilizes an interdisciplinary, multicultural perspective reflecting the diversity of the university. Summer Session only.

Upper Division

136. The Anthropology of Medicine (4)

Theoretical approaches to and cross-cultural analyses of the role of the medical profession, the sick and the healers, and culture as communication in the medical event. The theoretical anthropological aspects of medical practice and medical research will include a consideration of the “Great Traditions” of medicine as well as primitive and peasant systems. Western medicine will be considered in the foregoing framework, with issues of contemporary concern by way of introduction. Prerequisites: upper-division standing. (Not offered in 2014–15.)

196. Contemporary Issues Workshop (2)

A workshop for potential discussion leaders in the Contemporary Issues Program. Students will investigate topics for discussion and methods of presentation and inquiry. Participating in the workshop does not guarantee selection as discussion leader. (P/NP grades only.)