Gary and Mary West

$11.8 Million in Support from Gary and Mary West to Launch Geriatric Emergency Department

Local philanthropists Gary and Mary West have provided $11.8 million to the University of California San Diego to create a state-of-the-art senior emergency care unit to be housed within the Emergency Department at the future Jacobs Medical Center.

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Three Earth-Sized Planets Found Orbiting a Tiny Nearby Star

An international team of astronomers, including UC San Diego astrophysicists, has discovered three Earth-sized planets orbiting near the “habitable zone” of an ultracool dwarf star, the first planets ever discovered around such a tiny and dim star. The planets are so close to Earth—only 40 light years away—that astronomers should eventually be able to study in greater detail the composition of each of the planets and their atmospheres as well as look for chemical signals of life.

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Prestigious New Rankings Name UC San Diego 35th Best University in World

The University of California San Diego is named the 35th best university in the world, according to Times Higher Education which released its World Reputation Rankings today. The campus moved up six spots compared to last year’s list.

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