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Ahead of the Curve

Tackling the biggest challenges of our time demands a fresh approach. At UC San Diego, we’ve broken out of traditional academic silos to assemble cross-disciplinary, flexible research teams with a common purpose: to further our understanding of how the world works and the actions we can take to make it a better place.

The Lab

Our work connects students with the community. Our discoveries impact people around the globe.

23 researchers, students and staff participated in 2017’s international climate talks in Paris

Microbiome researcher Rob Knight co-founded the American Gut Project to engage citizen scientists

Toy robot MiP was named a Product of the Future by Popular Science

Scripps researchers helped bring clean-energy cooking stoves to rural India

More than 100 faculty are working on standards for microbiome research

Engineers received a $1 million grant to improve robots in factories

Forward-looking Research

A Legacy of Leadership to Address Our Changing Climate

Laying the Foundation

The Keeling Curve, a powerful symbol of the human impact on the environment, began with measurements taken by Scripps Oceanography scientist Charles David Keeling in 1958.

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A Zero-Carbon Future

Working at the intersection of science, technology and policy, our researchers are studying solutions for reducing global carbon emissions while meeting the world’s increasing energy needs.

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Global Engagement

From speaking with Pope Francis to presenting at international climate talks, we are working with leaders across the globe on climate change issues.

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Tackling changes and challenges with robotics

Self-driving Cars

Computer vision experts are working on technology to make autonomous vehicles safer. Their most recent breakthrough: enabling cars to pinpoint the location of pedestrians and vehicles.

Teacher Bots

Engineers and cognitive scientists are exploring how to deploy robots for education, including toy robots to inspire future engineers and robots as teaching tools in early childhood education.

Health Care

From home companion robots assisting with eldercare, to nano-robots capable of directed drug delivery and toxin removal, advances in robotics will transform health care.

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Studying communities of bacteria, viruses and fungi for better health

National Microbiome Initiative

UC San Diego is a driving force in the White House’s National Microbiome Initiative, an effort to better understand how the bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms living among us influence our health.

Center for Microbiome Innovation

Interdisciplinary research teams are exploring how to harness microbial communities to better manage diseases such as asthma, diabetes and obesity, and to address pressing environmental challenges.

Developing a Microbiome Workforce

The Microbial Sciences Graduate Research Initiative is training the next-generation of cross-disciplinary researchers equipped with the strong quantitative skills needed for this emerging field.

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Our scholars leverage multidisciplinary collaborations and lead the way to new discoveries that transform lives. By promoting a culture of experimentation and fresh thinking, we arrive at unexpected answers that have a lasting impact.

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